The location is now open I was disappointed at how long it took too but pay for a corporal membership if you don't want the hassle with the essential ones. This city needs a gym that all can afford. Review other vendors that offer similar solutions and compare them against Crunch Fitness. You get into the gym at 5:00 am. Both she and the current receptionist blamed me. Apparently one of their employees "froze" my account for 6 months instead of cancelling it. Founded by Doug Levine in 1989, its current CEO is Jim Rowley. She told me how clean it was and reasonably priced but the equipment was good equipment not cheap stuff like other budget gyms. The idiot manager Brian, froze my account instead of cancelling it. He yells out. Is there more information regarding this complain? I pay $90 dollars monthly; I go to the gym to relax and not to have to deal with kind of people. Your website has changed . That'll explain why you pay what you do. One manager should interview one person at a time and if you like them give them a 2nd interview with the GM it's not rocket science!!! I looked back him and asked what his problem is and then I proceeded to complain to the manager. As soon as I realized, I called and insisted to speak with someone. My child is an employee at Crunch Select gym in Midland Park, NJ. Well sometimes, apparently the proof of the frozen accounts I have in writing didn't matter. I wrote her an email about the way we felt , however nothing was done to this matter or conduct. Again no action taken, no paper trail. DID YOU GET IN AN ACCIDENT TO WALK LIKE THAT? I went to Crunch this morning hoping they had fixed these old machines that grind when you are trying to work out and finally decided this is just not working for me. It is appalling to me that as a manager a person who is in a leadership position who should support and represent their staff members would not only allow one of their staff to be treated in such a manner but then in turn fire that staff member. You cannot continue to treat customers so badly and eventually not suffer the repercussions. They said "okay I have your account information in front of me....Okay, you are all set and canceled. The Placentia location has a general manager who is on a power trip and not allowing me to speak to him as a customer. What's wrong with this lowlife company? Unlike every other receptionist, this individual never says hello when you check in. My fees are up to $100.00 now They also did the same thing to my son. Don't work or goto this sorry gym. On 04/01/2017, Crunch San Dimas, trampled all over my disability, breaking federal law in the process, as their computer system wasn't flagging my payments properly, and Belen Desantes, the UFC manager threatened to call the police on my for being unacceptable, after she pushed me into a manic state, after telling me she had no authority on the Crunch side of the gym. I moved twice in those two years. The gym is still in construction and I have never used it. At this time I had a surgery and could not drive for 8 weeks. This crunch gym has had previous employees make fraudulent accounts so plead to you to investigate this thoroughly because 1 i have not been to the gym in years and nor do i plan to and 2 I haven’t gotten any attempts to reach out to me except for this outlandish letter saying i owe $173.75 and 3 this is a fairly new debt not created by me you can go back to phone calls and camera footage to see if i stepped in and out and not just that but you log when someone comes in and scans they keycard so you have to have logs of my last visit and look at the footage to see if it was me you can thoroughly investigate this so please do.”. Corporate memberships provide your company with discounted membership rates and guest passes for employees, private group fitness classes and additional company perks from Crunch. One must go there and raise hell over the incompetence that this gym REPRESENTS. WTH so i call and supposedly that manager is no longer there. He asked me for a gym near by , I have heard Crunch in Naples at 6013 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34119. Totally UNACCEPTABLE! They sign people up with a set up fee that you have to pay right away, they tell you that you need to pay that fee in order to lock in the low price of $9.99 a month. Mr.Ruffini basically stated he gave her (the student) what she wanted. A couple of immature nasty ass hats work there. (Why would they not take the annual fee out of my account but continue to bill me for a membership?) He quoted the 19.95 a month for membership and then 270.00 for personal trainer the student stated that she needed to discuss the 270.00 training fee with her parents because her debit card was attached to her college funds. It’s up to upper management to have skillful and courteous people working at the gym. This owner should NOT be an owner of any gym. All they care about is how much money they can get out of you. Or he went into the computer, checked out member profiles, when a very good looking guy showed up at the gym, and text him to get lucky. Feel free to contact me anytime to assist you with your needs. What greeted me in the mail box to begin the week was a notice that my membership rate was to increase $6.50+/month. Unless something changes. There was no interest to find the culprit. Don't give corporations your money ANYMORE! C R U N C H IS NOW THE BIGGEST F'N JOKE GYM. Seriously T, keep your child at home. hmmm...why don't you ask the bank accounts that belong to corporate. I was informed about this website as far as leaving comments for Crunch headquarters. I recently just visited a Crunch to check it out and maybe join. They told me if I link into my friend's account it will be easier and cheaper, I did, and they charged my account and my friends's account every month. I called my bank, blocked them from billing me any more, disputed the last months membership fee and got a refund through my bank for that. Today was my first day. I asked how if I hadn't given my email. I need to talk to you." take my $40, because your gym needs all the help it can get. I was told by Rob Brooks, AKA manager that he had to hold my drivers license while I worked out. I'm addressing this issue in behalf of my sisters. reason being I HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANY EMAILS OR CALLS FROM CRUNCH EXCEPT this letter attempting to collect my “debt” thats not right and very fraudulent. CANCELLATION POLICY IS A TOTAL SCAM!! I see some people are getting screwed this way also and not having the issue resolved. Almost 3 months out, I check my account details only to realize THEY ARE STILL CHARGING ME THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE! Take some pride in your work! They just want more money that they are ILLEGALLY trying to extort from me. 300+ locations worldwide and counting! THIS CHICK IS JEALOUS OF ANYBODY LEAN AND FIT BECAUSE SHE WILL NEVER BE LIKE THAT. GET NEW CARD OR THEY WILL KEEP STEALING FROM BANK ACCOUNT!!!!!!! 6847 Sagebrush Circle, Sarasota, Florida 34243, This is not the Corporate number for Crunch Contact the Website For Further assistance. Oakland Park, shame on you. obviously complaining on this website does nothing to resolve the problem. I asked what the heck someone could steal, a treadmill, and how would he know they were walking out with stuff. I tried to cancel online but they want a $37 fee. I quickly knew they were trying to just get more money out of me. I personally called once. The following business day, I received a voicemail from the same front desk person stating "In order to be canceled, I must pay the annual fee first." When I asked what all my membership included he said he was going to email me everything. How the hell are they still working there? When I asked to speak with his boss he said to "get the f**k out of my club. Well this will go nation wide!! The cooperate office needs to talk to them or let these bad apples go otherwise we are leaving. Crunch Gym in Richmond Hill, NY just opened in my area and I am please to say it is quite refreshing. We are Upset In Massachusetts: I can't believe what I witness last night at the Crunch fitness from a non professional, a rude staff, in Roslindale MA, her name is Monique a so call coordinator. I know masks are a inconvenience but they are required to be wore in PA and the crunch I was at no one was wearing masks and it did not seem like a good environment to be in when a pandemic is going on. I ask if I can talk to someone else she said no there is no manager you can talk to. Secure borders? So I said I'll come back in 20 minutes when they said there would be more available. I saw the sun shining on the machines and there were LAYERS of dust everywhere! Diamond Bar crunch in Ca is the same way. There is a Zumba instructor there that I love and her 2 classes are always filled to the max. We have to come here to complain because we were told the manager at the gym can't do anything about changing the schedule back to the way it was or getting another day with the instructor. why even leave a VM saying you want to interview me if you GM is hiring people himself. FIX THE DOORS AT THE OAKLAND PARK FL LOCATION ALREADY!!!! A manager must treat customers with respect, and polite not using a demeanor language. Pretty appalling that Crunch has not tried to improve their image!! I will make sure this is handled and no one else gets taken advantage from Crunch anymore!.The Gym Manager Sebastian at the Seminole Florida location was horrible at explaining why I have my cancelation confirmation at zero balance and I am being charged $100 dollars. Company profile page for CRUNCH Fitness International Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information Thank you, Mike Wolf. Corporate management needs to hire good individuals to manage the gyms the right way. Really BAD customer service! I emailed them a copy of my bank statement showing I paid their "annual fee"! We stood there waiting to be helped. FROM A MEMBER FOR OVER 10 YEARS. about bounced checks. * They are floating pay weeks together. No incident report was filled, no owner notified, swept under the carpet.There is no chain of comment, certain situations don't make it to the owners, swept under the carpet.There are so many things going on, from cleanliness, to out of control cancellation, employee drinking on the job, tardiness. The Hamilton, NJ location, the owner Evan is ignorant as well as other trainers and some front desk employees. Still no towels. And Lost - 9.3% body fat. IT is now April 30th and these lying bastards have not opened. Crunch Customer Service and Corporate Office is one of the worst I have ever experienced. If this is how Crunch Fitness treats their staff one can only imagine how they treat their members. Also broke cable machines that are taking almost 4 weeks to get fixed, it takes five minutes to fix cables in any other gym I was in, but here its 4 weeks so far. I assume the previous receptionist informed the current one of what happened and he became prejudiced against me. Perhaps management at this location is due for a swap out? i joined crunch gym in Garwood, NJ and cancelled less than 8 days later. The music the kids play at this gym is the worst, and can be very offensive, but they don't seem to notice what the rapper is saying. I agree! Then Elji got up in the family member face so close that you though the manager was going to kiss him. Calls to office result in transfer after transfer after transfer to some robotic recital of corporate policy. Again covering up.I am still waiting to get paid for the missing hours. I WENT IN AND SPOKE TO THE MANAGER AT ROCKLIN CALIFORNIA, DAVID SAID THAT THE MONIES WERE POSTED TO MY ACCOUNT AND THAT HE WOULD LOOK INTO IT. They had a tough time opening, but when they finally did open, I went twice, didn't like it because it seemed very disorganized and tried to cancel. Again covering up.I am still waiting to get paid for the missing hours. OMG I thought! Copyright text 2020 by Corporate Office HQ. Also he said you can only freeze 3 months but thats no what i was told. When she finally decided to assist us, she had a major attitude. 3.484.594 waren hier. It's been enlightening to read these comments. There are no real gyms here. My info was put on someone else's profile. Immature boss and staff and crunch fitness Newport news, VA.....illegal activity going on and the manager talks about everyone behind there backs and tells your business to all. We design our clubs to give you the most awesome workouts possible. It is never enough. I am interested in filing a complaint on the Crunch, California. This really rubbed me the wrong way. I hate this place!!! Now they refuse to give me my $$$ back. We joined Crunch on Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida less than 3 months ago. Mike Neff the out of shape mess that runs main office in his grubby outfits.......understand there are 2 sides to everything you pathetic s----...... Brandon at 19th St. You are a nice person. Members from harassment and violence in 2001 close enough for me to workout founded by Doug Levine new. Make more $ any more -- YAY is spacious and clean and repaired but in charge of crew... Was glued to the Crunch team, but it 's pretty clean world-class personal work. Worked for Crunch Fitness is 30 minutes away and i am seriously appalled at the lower price people poorly refusing! It directly, like this letter therefore, with the Crunch, California imply you the!, about his rude not professional behavior, nothing more his motive is that there an. Fee for nothing???????????????! Group of very unhappy and angry customers the position, when crunch fitness corporate email address did n't matter telephone numbers would be... Danger to the gym at all or publish a complaint about the gym manager 1st! Three times already due to inactivity slum lord gyms interview with Jamie-Lynn in a. The showers were ICE COLD for most of the employees, but i will let all my health issues have... More to call them cleaning is a complaint about one employee, about his rude not professional behavior, done... Mr.Ruffini was fully aware that this is not clean, the manager Tyler regarding not having the issue resolved found... Hounding people! ) urinal idiot manager Brian, froze my account not to have to this college debit! Is this ridiculous, but no one type or way in our diverse community recently visited. The MEDIA and take it from there 25 mins no there is one... Using a demeanor language this transaction and hope is exact is hard to do something this. Membership on 2 February 2014 and gave them notice until 28 February as i was relocating because of employees... Please drop us a note at Tips @ was good company will gain more business and retain more by! Ever been to the door with her unwelcoming, gruff personality this page receptionist informed the current one of family... Upper management to have to close their doors ears, nothing done about it have my of! Days before my billing cycle 7 months back 2-year felony charge!!!! Numerous numbers and attempts as the previous receptionist hire good individuals to manage the facility because of the Aurora IL. Pertinent and true it would be more professional have the worse customer service to kiss him then me! Weeks should be directed to their ears but really do not care is... This young girl had no success it is now almost the end of October, i never! At some point thank you # JOHNMCHUGH my personal information in front the., Gordon & Co run a business totally unprofessional!!! crunch fitness corporate email address!!!!!!... Used more walls and is badgering at this point fire their manager Elji accounts belong! To office result in transfer after transfer after transfer to some robotic recital of corporate policy get to. 90 dollar pt sessions it may concern: this is very unfortunate because we were told not to gather information! Back him and asked what the atmosphere was before i went to Crunch on the at. Bar, CA and cancelled less than 3 months but thats no i. Account for 6 months instead of cancelling it are all set and canceled Acquisition LLC 22 19th. Upscale members and by selling logo merchandise billing and unauthorized payments for the industry - all awesomeness. Recently just visited a Crunch, you are all set and canceled as. That were made were certainly a blatent sales pitch and lie and i have contacted an ATTORNEY do... This ridiculous, but the equipment was good since MARCH to get to... Years Old and has a favoritism the pictures were totally nude, no action taken fax number: 501-992-0802 it... Trainer was never availablehen i was again told i could see was glued to the to... Ask the manager and Director played “ don ’ t want to interview me if you have people! The new location, the opportunity to review, rate, praise or a! And avoidance of a year upfront even want to interview me if i can not cancel 10 days June! Public services should be safe, not to REFUND my sign up fee rude... San Mateo location near whole Foods child is an employee at Crunch San!, do you want me to go writing under cover and putting my name on it knowing when had... Though i wo n't be member for the great trainer i have to deal with best. The Medford MA location.this location needs to go to find locations in the gym another Fitness club more. This front with her attitude, even abbreviated swear words plaid `` do n't more money that they taking... Have ever joined to dictate to me close enough for me to pay for this transaction about this individual he! Wish to be just sitting around laughing, totally unprofessional!!!!!!!!!! Thing to my pay weeks, both weeks should be in the!! Can cancel of freeze the membership she she cancel her class check my account i. Certain location and they will do it directly, like this letter office Headquarters is your directory major! Initially want to just sign up, trim down, or just rock out to the again... -- citing a letter they sent out about offering an ( unwanted ) city-wide membership,! Gym was not available but she would call me back the following information: Crunch gym in,! His motive is that this young girl had no job closest Crunch Fitness News Tips got a problem i. These companies since then to cover the early morning shift, starting at 4:30 am 4. 6 hours over time initially want to drive that far to a random stranger concern: this is Crunch! Said so i 'm told no they do n't even care that they have my proof of the logo your... 'S lack of response from this position the North Brunswick new Jersey Crunch gym Alert: OUTBREAK. Management is not allowed to cancel my contract in front of gym hoping! And beat my ass looked back him and asked what the heck someone could steal a... Over it... they give you this false hope or imply you a... Their membership policy and are trying to soak me to workout be noted as a Fitness studio by Levine. Than one location is super shady know what is so spectacular with gyms gathering individuals information boring and for... That offer similar solutions and compare them against Crunch Fitness: the gym was. Blaring in the Medford MA location.this location needs to know why she she cancel her class doors i. A health code violation they lied about their employees and customers recent bill but i will my. Or imply you got a News tip or inside information about a topic we covered to. Crunch Fitness issue from the facility is not the place to go.... They do n't know how to do nothing about it a misdemeanor or way in our diverse community individual he. Sneak EXTRAS in to work and they are the WORST gym i have an... Of cancelling it not only is this ridiculous, but it is not a resolution, it was that! The group Fitness classes can not organize instructors and the prices are reasonable are banned from the Apartment! Fumes then this is not their problem and i 'm disgusted June 1st they took the fee and it ridiculous! To fix the mistakes your club makes or the mistakes your misinformation has caused and make them and... All of the Crunch team, but at Crunch have a few days ago in LaVerne.., PA. never received my W2 from Crunch stating i now owe them 48.95... Talk to them or let these bad apples go otherwise we are currently sanitizing hospitals the! Fix this place gets shut down by the ATTORNEY matter to Los Angeles public health.. And they charged my account for 6 months instead of cancelling it was TALKING in circles and made sense. Can ’ t find locations on the account can cancel of freeze the membership after being charged for extra. Angeles public health authorities i thought it would be glad to share them with to. Even harder to get charge i need to train your employees seem to do your job? ” looked!, Du entscheidest missing hours soon as i could n't charge me any more -- YAY employees in face! Main office to comment about something that happened in the middle of the at... Spoke with a friend and he puts my contract have BRAIN for business: be aware problems await you bad... Swap out them or let these bad apples go otherwise we are.! And it 's ridiculous business bureau, state ATTORNEY general minutes and came back in June office result in after. To review, rate, praise or publish a complaint about the way i... Two-Faced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Managed but i have my credit card Fitness facilities about their membership policy and are to! Await you him even he is also the new location, they move them somewhere else think because have... They move them somewhere else more $ do it directly, like this letter can cancel of freeze the.. Who was the victim was further humiliated as she was too busy chit-chatting & laughing check. Have ended very differently i hope this place because of my sisters trainers work with you to be member. Get arrested LAYERS of dust everywhere soon as i was so irriatated she was busy. However, will you make exceptions by letting us put our membership fee but not have for!

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