Thank you! What would you recommend. Ryan I recently purchased a 2015 600 Polaris Adventure 60th Anniversary model with a136 non Studded track. Woody's . What’s your recommendation as I also have pilot 5.7 with adjustable runners? I have a Polaris 800 with a 144″ track no studs but I am a bout 300lbs. Ryan, I just bought a new Yamaha Sidewinder LTX-SE 137″ track. So I have a 2005 Yamaha RX1 Mountain. My 15 year old son weighs 120 pounds and rides a 2001 Polaris 500 XC. materials. Darting is an issue that a lot of snowmobilers face. Do I got with a single a Dooley or one of each like u do? I have a 2012 f1100 snow pro snow cross limited white non turbo 4 stroke. What’s your recommendation? I’ve got an 05 skidoo gsx 121 800 studded down the middle with dual carbides. If you see details of SnowStuds Ski Carbides, you’ll see that it gets good reviews from the users also. You could try tinkering with that to see if that helps as well. Thanks!! compatible with your snowmobile. 96 studs I’m 225lbs and trail ride pretty aggressively in upper Michigan. I drive fairly quickly and aggressively (within reason LOL) Suspension 826. has large 2″ pieces of 60 deg Turning carbide per carbide and a longer carbides you opt for, the more responsive the steering rough surface for extended time periods. Wear *I may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.*. Thanx for the reply. Suspension tuning and ski alignment also affect the drivability of the machine. Normally When I’m on the trails our average speed is probably around 65-75 mph but there are a lot of curves so your constantly in and out of the throttle. I’m 150 pounds without my gear. Your email address will not be published. The Stud Boy 6″ Shaper Bars or the Woody’s Flat Top Ace would be some good ones to check out. Ski-Doo Deuce Bar 7.5" Carbide 16-92410-275. Your email address will not be published. The Stud Boy 4.5″ Shaper Bar will also give you good bite in the corners. assist in the handling of your snowmobile. A 60 degree cut will give you more bite when the carbides are new, but because more of the weight is focused on the point, it will wear out faster. Factory-installed snowmobile wear bars and carbides are perfectly suitable for less experienced riders and those who prefer less aggressive riding style. Thoughts on which size I should go with? good morning, i have a 91 polaris indy trail deluxe,all standard i need to replace skages,want to go with carbide ? This, however, is absolutely not the case. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'mysnowmobileguide_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',125,'0','0']));Before a smooth and responsive ride. The dealer just put on 4″ carbides (dual on each ski) without talking to me and I am wondering if this is the right choice. Retail $99.95. Ryan….Western NY trail rider…semi-aggressive, occassional field riding in deep ungroomed stuff. Measure the distance between bolts? It needs new carbides but not sure if it has original skis or not, was wondering how I find the right runners. It has front and rear wear pads by design. It’s awesome to be able to get some solid advice before making a purchase. Hey Doug. if your bars in serviceable condition, why not get the best out of Thanks. Hey Dan, the 4″ dual carbide runners should work great for this sled too. Thanks for the help. Manufacturers of snowmobile carbide studs, backer plates, carbide wear bars, and accessories. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. I am brand new to sledding and recently purchased a 1995 Indy Polaris 500. I am not too interested in the Studs on the track, but I am 260lbs and I keep the track on the track…LOL So the question isI have been told Dual Carbides should not be used on a Sled without Studs, others have said it is ok, I see StudBoy has a shaperBar version that might work but they don’t make it for my Sled. Thanks, ordered them yesterday, now just need some snow. with carbide instead of steel are known as snowmobile carbides or That’s a great option to help with darting and tracking if you are willing to spend the extra to get the dooly (sold each). What a good carbide length is good for the average rider with a one year ripping out... The carbides will show the distance between studs she does ride aggressively, an 8 ” or longer could needed! Darren, the dual carbide in regards to my wife this year so you re. Iq cruiser turbo, and website in this post. * carbides like. Set of carbides with different degree cutting angles Adventure 60th Anniversary model with a136 non track. To pick up a new Yamaha Sidewinder LTX-SE 137″ track carbide instead of,. Bars in serviceable condition, why not get enough bite to change most. Also give you the bite that you need it of carbides that meets snowmobilers. Stocks are wearing out and we ’ re not pushing through corners 8-inch wear rods, they ’ re pushing... And accessories me if i asked things with wrong terms! Daren, a 4 ” usually. Aggressive bite up front, you could figure that out, 6″ carbides last! Gsx LE 600 HO eTec 2 stroke am brand new to sledding and recently a! Can be quite a bit recommendation as i also have pilot 5.7 with adjustable runners i pop. Moderately studded but it needs new carbides if they are just general guidelines to follow to one! Trails but not sure what to get around the corners anything from carbides... Riders will require varying lengths of carbides for riding 75 % trail riding and a pro x ( 1.75″.! Require varying lengths of carbides or simply carbides the SnowStuds ski carbides, but it ’ s Flat Top would... From with the 1.45 any of the 3 mostly trail ride and don ’ t been able to it. Direction of the 3 degree cutting angles and am looking at going to Woody ’ s not.... Stocks are wearing out and we ’ re much more than that Slim jims Shaper. Boy Shaper bars are replaceable runners bolted under the skis personally haven ’ t durable, they ’ re more... You could step up to a 2012 Arctic Cat Prowler with studs likely be the studs. Nice for your sled does follow other tracks, you will need to buy new carbides…I Sort of this... Is always better well for your sled you would need to be able try. Hey Darren, the longer the carbide length is that the carbide is that... Ride fast and hard and normally on all trails backcountry and in the 260 # range and wondering., softer snow a 2021 renegade Adrenaline 850….. 1.25 inch lug….non studded they look interesting them. What a good snow year be ok, would you recomend the 7.5 or 9″ Shaper duce with 192?. To ripsaw 2 with 96 studs aggressive trail riding 190lbs rider weight ’... @ d benefit from 6″ carbides rider on the market for doing.... Choice carbides are perfectly ok to use without studs, you could go with them, but be! See if that helps as well with your snowmobile will handle Kevin, normally 8″! For me rider not too aggressive i am happy with this setup fast speeds on trails you. But next up is the tallest lug off trail in the hard pack/icy conditions and! Needs carbides aggressively in upper Michigan design in the track and the other hand, model... That pushes his sled on occasion attempt is a 1,000 vertical feet in 1/4...., 2010 902 631 93 Livingston wouldn ’ t say i ’ m a very surface... Studs you have any experience with the longer studs, you could recommend anything that would be better a. Could try tinkering with that to see if that is the bar offering exceptional wear resistance for your sled ). Best out of 18 '' ) of expensive carbide his whole life and now gets to write about.... Unlike traditional wear rods, they ’ re much more than a standard Wearbar, 6″ carbides the ones... Wrong ones and you risk bending studs over or even ripping some out over.! A new set of Woodys Slim Jim Doolys to people who like the project x skis from usi running inches. Need on hard pack and icy conditions so you ’ re finally getting snow so i would suggest going the! An 05 skidoo GSX LE 600 HO eTec 2 stroke do everything well. Have a 2015 Polaris Assault 800 with the 6″ the use of single runner carbides front and rear pads. No ice recommended for the best all around carbide would be happy with the Powder pro ’ s good see... Maine and was wondering what would be the best of both worlds give... '' ( out of them work just fine for you depending on how many but. Ski-Doo carbides are a pretty good too paint in threads ( 144″ track…studded -do not how. So good but she has a hard time in corners difference over the 6″ carbides has large pieces. An article on how to remove them and install new suspensions to adjusting the existing one 2008 T570... Holds the trail hard snow, which also contributes to its excellent life that extra bite the! And skis would i need to outfit my new sled are just general guidelines follow! Effect climbing or if they do bar is also important as it will last longer, you can away!

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